Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hudson Motor Car Company

The Hudson Motor Car Company made Hudson and other brand automobiles in Detroit, Michigan, from 1909 to 1954. In 1954, Hudson merged with Nash-Kelvinator Corporation to form American Motors. The Hudson name was continued through the 1957 model year, after which it was dropped.

The name "Hudson" came from J.L. Hudson, a Detroit department store entrepreneur and founder of Hudson's department store, who provided the necessary capital and gave permission for the company to be named after him. A total of eight Detroit businessmen formed the company on February 24, 1909, to produce an automobile which would sell for less than US$1,000. One of the chief "car men" and organizer of the company was Roy Chapin, Sr, a young executive who had worked with Ransom E. Olds (Chapin's son, Roy Jr, would later be president of Hudson-Nash descendant American Motors Corp. in the 1960s). The company quickly started production with first car driven out of a small factory in Detroit on July 3, 1909. The new Hudson "Twenty" was one of the first low-priced cars on the American market and very successful with more than 4,000 were sold the first year. This was the best first year's production in the history of the automobile industry up to that time.

The company had a number of firsts for the auto industry, these included dual brakes, the use of dashboard oil-pressure and generator warning lights, and the first balanced crankshaft, which allowed the Hudson straight-6 engine, dubbed the "Super Six" (1916), to work at a higher rotational speed while remaining smooth, developing more power for its size than lower-revving engines. Most Hudsons until 1957 had straight-6 engines. The dual brake system used a secondary mechanical system (parking brakes) which activated the rear brakes when the pedal travelled beyond the normal reach of the primary system; a mechanical emergency brake was also used. Hudsons also used an oil bath and cork clutch mechanism that proved to be as durable as it was smooth.

Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade

Disney Stars and Motor Cars parade is a parade at the Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. It includes a procession of Disney movie characters in cars and parade floats throughout Hollywood Boulevard and several other areas of the park. During the holiday season, the parade is transformed into the "Hollywood Holliday Parade". The parade will have its final run at the Disney's Hollywood Studios on March 9, 2008. It will be replaced by the Block Party Bash parade from Disney's California Adventure park. It has been rumored that the Stars and Motor Cars parade will move to its sister park, the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited

* 2003 Phantom — Launched in January 2003 at Detroit's North American International Auto Show, this is the first model from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, a BMW subsidiary having no technical or corporate connection with the original Rolls-Royce company apart from the trademarks mentioned above. The car has a 6.75 L V12 engine from BMW, but most other components are unique to the car. Unlike the MINI (which is 90% engineered and manufactured in the UK) most parts are made in Germany, although the assembly and finishing is done in a new factory in Goodwood, Sussex. The cars are available in normal and extended wheelbase, and prices start at about £250,000.

* 2007 Phantom Drophead Coupé

* 2007 - 2010 — Rolls Royce announced in September 2006 that it will develop a new 4-door model, using the next generation BMW 7 Series, positioned below the Phantom and with a price range between US$230,000 and US$330,000. It is also working to develop a production version of its 101EX concept.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Jonathan Motor Cars - Christian Car Dealer NJ deals in Used Cars For Sale Nj, Preowned Cars

Jonathan Motorcars is located on Route 130 South. A few minutes from Medford, Mount Laurel and Marlton, a few more minutes from Cherry Hill and Voorhees, the trip will be well worth your time.Sporting a new location in an attractive building the dealership has what it takes to provide outstanding service to the driving public.

Last year, after 12 years in business, Jonathan Motors moved to a new facility whereit provides an comfortable automobile buying experience supported by an upscale inventoryif pre-owned vehicles and a Service Department second to none.

Hands on owner, Andy Arnold has a simple and unmatched proposition to automotive shoppers:Get more, spend less!
“When we looked for a new location two years ago, we sought Cherry Hill quartersbut found them pricey. Higher rent equals higher sales price! Even food shopping is cheaper here in Edgewater Park, so why purchase a big ticket item, like a vehicle anywhere else?” says Andy.
At Jonathan Motorcars, you can buy any motor vehicle built on the planet through our Car Hunters program. We also offer a new car Fleet Program, which allows us to obtain any new make of model vehicle at substantial savings. We pass those savings on to you. We also give our customers any special lease or rebate programs offered by the manufacturer at the time.

We understand the anxiety of buying a pre-owned car.No one likes to buy someone else’s problems. That’s why our entire inventory is subject to a rigorous 120-point check in our own state of the art Service Department. That is why our carefully selected vehicles can be purchased with extended warranties and are guaranteed to pass New Jersey State Inspection.We are confident in our inventory. We encourage our customers to have any vehicle inspectedby their own mechanic, we will even provide a free shuttle service.”We are an offer you cannot afford to miss!